Circus workshop, painting and installation.


Twist & Saw is an artistic collective formed by Marta Gil and Leire Mesa, currently they are based between Sweden and the Basque Country. We create art through circus and painting. Movements, sounds, songs, jumps and laughs. Everything is possible! In this workshop participants explore their limits of body and imagination by testing the trapeze, painting on canvas and building a collective installation with live music.


Our desire is to generate scenic and visual experiences to help the creation of social ties. We are interested in emotional-geographical exchanges, temporal and spatial movements. Migrations have been our starting point in our first work “First Movement”.

We create in the public space. Public art means to shake the community. We talk about bodies, social bodies and bodies in resistance. We are moved by questions that aproach the production of diferent identities. The work we carry out is conceived as a participatory process based on cooperative work. Our latest work, for example, has been public and community work: large murals in the public place, performance, participatory and interactive installations. We believe in creative ways to create new relationships and empower people. We use our different skills such as circus, painting, audiovisual, and performance to generate events where the creativity of the participants plays an important role. The value of the project exists thanks to the encounter with the others, the dialogue that generates relationships and creates community.