A body that creates a rupture in an abyssal line, because it is not universal but plural A body that lives and survives, a body that without earth is a dead body.

A body that sniffs to detect the weaknesses of power, A body that is reborn at dawn,

A body that does not need religion for its own emancipation, A body that needs meeting and connection.

Because if Eurocentric thinking walks to the detriment of feeling, our walk is articulated in relation to the heat

that is not inert but powerful. I’m going there, not out there, Heart, is our way of acting.

Because together we can find what does not want to be seen.

In the sniffing of a musicality that rests in silence, and has its pause in the party in constant movement.


A collective response to build a path that unbalances the abyssal line, a change of direction,

an opening to the world that leads thought to movement, a transformation and a mutation.

Portugal, 2018