Leire Mesa

Leire Mesa / circus body (curious and dissident from birth I articulated my speech including the word circus since 2008).

My first howl was in 1987 in the Basque city of Bilbao, city of rebellions that marked my body in their memories, at lunchtime on a Tuesday 13.

Birth of my mother’s womb and with the accompaniment of my grandmother , who managed to get to the hospital before her, which we still do not know how it happened. In the echo of the sound of her memory, keep the pleasure of immersing me in conversations to create utopias that make us question our environment.

Maintain the feeling of bodies at birth in contact with the air / pores free of ornaments,

love the austerity in the beauty of the everyday / no hairs on the tongue to change the environment.

Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope, Libra in the European horoscope, calli in the Aztec horoscope … / I was in my childhood a follower of readings with the sea breeze, habitual practitioner of making croquettes in the mountains and fond of eating cookies and when I was growing pineapple with cointreau, with my revolutionary grandfather that taught me to use the word politics in everyday life.

The strength of the women nearby, in the course of my journey, taught me the importance of reclaiming our place and loving the spirituality of small pleasures.

Smelling ripe figs, and submerging hours in the sea I learned the beauty of the winged feet and the possibility of twisting the balance.

The line that separates pleasure and violence and to be careful with absolute symbols and ethics.

Holding the weight of a changeable body Today / tomorrow & always.

Circopoeta & walker / lover of the contradiction / sniffer of life.

What I love most is the explosion of waves in the stream of life, its howl:

My profession is to walk even in heels to fall, stumble and in that imbalance to mutate, My truth / none

My belief / love, understood as a dissident of romanticism,

an anarch / love (I’m still trying to decipher how this can be achieved) My alter ego / dream & resistance

My maximum illusion: running with winged feet through an unknown territory that I am about to meet

Body in life / body that transforms Resistant and persistent

Between 2008 and 2017 I lived between the Basque Country, England, Brussels and Sweden Passing through Lebanon, Brazil, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Belgrade, Spain, Zagreb, Mostar and others that remained in memory.

In the present i did accept a nomadism with stops to sniff in greater depth when the body decides.

Luck to be born with a passport in the arm,

in a country with democracy suspended in a wobble of the current Europe.

Fortunately something explodes and the cosmos falters, falling astral and real borders. Often i try to plan in the dream / reality is a winged glide,

swallow flight, jaguar roar,

naughty and funny flea, a trip.

I love the ass of the world,

and the companions of the road, the different and the common, life and death,

the circus and the anti-circus.

LEIRE MESA,  Basque country 1987. Circus artist dedicated to creation, generator of actions and synergies for circus, theater and other rebellions. The circus is her discipline as a stage language and the Trapeze her circus specialty. Her work with the body has gone through dance, gestural theater and study with Alexander Sasha Gavrilov to enhance her capacity as a top-down. Her beginnings of circus training, in different spaces of non-regulated education, lead her to act and travel around the world. She was co-founder of the street theater-circus company of Atropecias del Vasco country. Travel to Bristol to study at the official school Circomedia. In England she works with the company Nofit State in the show Bianco. And later, as a result of her collaboration with director Firenza Guidi, she made her first solo show, I Live.

In 2015 presents her thesis Twisting the Balance as a work itinerary, research and methodology, within the program of the Master NPP of the DOCH University in Stockholm. The project is born from the need to twist her circus practice in interaction with other artistic, social and political forms. She founded the Cie Twisting the Balance. She works for the Circus Company Animal Religion in Sapiens Zoo, creates the INK community project in Alby (Stockholm), collaborates in the Political Circus show of Metro to Madina in Lebanon.

In 2017 she finished a postgraduate degree at the University of KKH (Stockholm) in architecture / cities / utopias, creating the exhibition INK and the performative piece Witches, Bitches on the Beaches. At the same time she has been working on the organization of the Milky Way Meeting: Magdalena Tarahumara and as part of the artistic advice group for the organization of the Subcase festival in Stockholm.

In December 2018 they premiered the last creation of the company Twisting the Balance, Futuro Animal, at the CAU festival in Granada.